Vintage Pop – Extended


Function in the set:

  • hexagon tower
  • slider
  • tunnel
  • climbing slope
  • climbing rope
  • swings


Code: Vintage01SW

Size: 5.60*3.30*3.00 m

Made in Thailand 🇹🇭

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  • Vintage-style playground designed and produced in Thailand 100% by PUN PUN PLAYGROUND AND TOYS CO., LTD.
  • Full function in the set which includes hexagon tower, slider, tunnel, climbing slope, climbing rope, and swings
  • Unique design and only high-quality materials are chosen to be used in manufacturing.
  • Food grade LLDPE plastic from SCG Chemicals
  • Non-toxic and UV-resistant colors
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel structure, super strong and long-lasting.
  • Perfect for schools, kindergartens, hotels, resorts, restaurants, parks, villages, condominiums, and malls.
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