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SIZE : 4790*4090*3190 mm.

Can choose to change to the pillar and the floor is real wood.

Made from rosewood , that ‘s imported from Africa.   This kind wood is very hard . Suitable for outdoor. During the production , we have a lot of process including painting, polishing, We also add some wood preservative in order to make them last long use no matter in sunny or rainy days .  Wood can use for about 5 -10 years

WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSIT  Products and technology for the environment Outdoor sports equipment made of wood, composite materials, plastics, natural wood substitute materials for forest conservation

Physical properties : High strength, the material is strong In addition, there is an anti-cracking coating, not easily brittle, resistant to external weather conditions, does not deteriorate, acid-base, no burr, has anti-static and ultra-violet radiation properties, with heat insulation, resistant to sunlight, no rain. – Flammable when exposed to heat

Environmental : Non-toxic, no harmful chemicals Does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances on the surface, does not cause air pollution and does not damage the environment.It is 100% recyclable and can be reused. Helps reduce the cutting of trees

Apearance : 

  • With a texture like wood But stronger and more durable than real wood because there are no problems with cracks, bends, or twists, including fixing or shrinking of the material.
  • No need to use chemicals to coat or bake any wood
  • Products can be made in a variety of colors. The surface does not need to be repainted. And can be used for a long time without fadinz

Processing efficiency : 

  • Can be used for structural work with good weight
  • Can be used for a variety of applications, including renovations, additions, floors, walls or furniture. Many facilities such as real wood
  • Salient features of installation work with simple general processes

Other features :

  • Composite materials, wood, plastic, reinforced with galvanized pipes (2 mm thick) inside; Manufactured by rolling mold which is much stronger than general materials
  • Screw type: all screws are stainless steel material, No. 304 is an industrial material, reduce cost and reduce engineering cost

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