Frog Rocking กบโยกเยก

Frog Rocking

Model : ROF-002
Size : 40x125x45 cm.

-Designed meet requirements Toy-Playground-Kid’s furnituren

-Fulfill Materrial,various grades & forms,available to match your specific needss!

-Custom-Made products : safety,quality and play value


-Rotational Mold manufacturer  &  HDPE playground components supplier

Contact Person : Wanida Boonyalai

Mobile Phone : 6681-8482416   Email : [email protected]


Facebook : Pun Pun Playground&Toys / สนามเด็กเล่น ปันปัน
Tal. 02 8891688 , 02 8891699 ,0852140006
Baby Swing made of plastic LLDPE rotational moulding/ Plastic / Plastic Toys / Seesaw is made of LLDPE. Safety Material For Children/ Toys/ for kindergarten / toys for school


ROF-002 Frog Rocking : Kids Plastic / Plastic Toys /size 40x125x45 cm.6.5 kg. Seesaw is made of LLDPE. Safety Material For Children’s Toy
If you need more products, welcome to contact us by e-mail directly:[email protected]


น้ำหนัก 8 kg
ขนาด 42 × 125 × 45 cm
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