PunPunToy : Beam


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PunPunToy : Beam




Size:48”W*18”D*9”H   120CM*45CM*22CM

Specification:One foot in front of the next as little ones make their way across the M-Fun Steady Stepper. Children ages 3-7 will practice their balance on the soft and durable beam that measures 9”high with an extra-wide base for stability. This soft beam is used for motor skill development. For use on the floor only, the Steady Stepper features a non-skid base for safety.

For young children, preschoolers, kindergarteners, child development centers to promote the development of playing, practice skills in using small muscles and balance, exercise safely. Is a durable product for physical, intellectual, and social development for preschool children. And young children, which children in this age will develop brain networks to connect For children to have a well-balanced development in all aspects And affect good learning in the future Soft play toys, soft play, produced from grade A material. Every piece of standard quality Consider the highest safety Non-toxic PVC Safe paint and thick sponge, high quality, shock absorbing, beautiful covering ! Passed the standard product tests on materials used for production for child safety (EN71) suitable for children aged 3-6 years

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